Vanderkley Valley Farm

Who We Are



We are Nolan and Brooke Vanderkley, first generation regenerative farmers raising animals just as we raise our children- as free and natural as possible! Our desire for good quality from a well known source inspired us to begin farming for ourselves- we have a passion for self sustainability, whole food nutrition, and going back to basics in terms of consumption.


Our 160 acre farm is located in Central Alberta, about 20 minutes West of Sylvan Lake. With pastures forests and river valleys, our property is both recreational and agricultural. We called this property home in the spring of 2021 and have been learning to farm in regenerative ways ever since!


We proudly raise pure-bred highland cattle (for beef and breeding), pastured chicken and free range laying hens- all which are raised/treated ethically, lovingly and respectfully. We grow a selection of garden produce items- primarily for our own consumptions but may have abundance to share throughout the growing season.

What Our customers say:

We love the beautiful coloured eggs and how each chicken is so loved and cared for. It is great knowing the pastured chickens were raised on grass, had plenty of sunshine, clean water, and we're processed properly so each one was not only delicious but as healthy as can be!

Helen & Edwin (St. Paul, AB)

I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to purchase chickens to come to this place! I was so sick and tired of going to the grocery store and buying subpar chicken. It was rubbery and tasteless and filled with hormones. After trying these chickens I will never buy store bought chicken again. One of the biggest attractions to this farm was of course it being a family first farm, but they genuinely care about their stock. They go to great lengths to ensure that the chickens are well taken care of, and are extremely humane when it comes to the culling. Honestly is so hard to find nowadays and this family is very  honest and transparent. They will show you how everything works if that’s what you are interested in, they hide nothing. And the plus is my dogs love their chickens as much as we do!!

Chase + Carolyne Cook (Strathmore, AB)

Brooke and Nolan put so much love into every animal they raise and it shows. From their meat chickens to their eggs, you’re getting a high quality product from animals who lived a happy life and were extremely well cared for.

Lindsey & Mitch (Beaver County, AB)

The eggs and meat I got from Vanderkley Valley Farm are both so fresh and great quality! You can really taste the difference from store bought (even the ones that are labelled as free range). Knowing exactly where my food is coming from and knowing how well the animals are treated is great.

Simone & Darren (St. Paul, AB)

We have reaped the benefits of the free range eggs from Vanderkley Valley Farm for the past 3 years and enjoying them in our meals never gets old! Not only can you tell the difference in taste from store bought, but as soon as you crack them you can SEE the difference, this goes for their pastured chickens too!! We have absolutely loved getting both eggs and chickens from Brooke and Nolan and look forward to another great buying experience with each visit :)

Cory & Nicole (Red Deer, AB)