Meet Us



We are Nolan, Brooke, Lenna, and Henrik- the family behind this farm. Our small family began practicing regenerative agriculture/homesteading on our previous 1 acre acreage. There we raised 30 pastured chickens, 15 laying hens, and grew a large garden to sustain our own family. It was a life-giving experience to say the least, it truly gave us purpose and our outlook on food in general was drastically changed. 

Nolan definitely spearheaded our move towards this style of farming, pouring himself into hours of watching youtube videos, reading books, blogs and posts and really understanding the why behind it all. 

Our Motto:  Grow/raise your own food, give back to the soil, eat whole + high quality foods as much as possible.                         

 We are passionate about natural + holistic living, cooking food from scratch, understanding nutrition and how our bodies respond to the things we consume, becoming self sustainable, sourcing local foods, goods and services, and creating a community around all of these things.