100% Grass Fed 1/4 Highland Beef  DEPOSIT

100% Grass Fed 1/4 Highland Beef DEPOSIT

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About Our beef: 

Our highlands are raised on pasture throughout the spring, summer, and early fall months, we utilize rotational grazing techniques for the wellbeing of our animals and the health of our soil. During the winter we feed hay that is harvested from our own hay fields. 

Highland beef has been found to be tender, well marbled, flavourful beef. Their thick coat helps to keep them warm during the winters, meaning they do not put on as much fat for insulation. Independent testing has shown highland beef to be lower in fat and cholesterol, higher protein, iron and omega 3 as opposed to commercially raised beef. 
Grassfed and finished beef has a more balanced omega 6:3 ratio. A diet high in omega 6 can result in inflammation. This is often found in beef that was fed or finished on grain.

One quarter is guaranteed 110lbs of beef. The total price including your deposit is $1100. This will take up around 3.5 cubic feet in your freezer. Unless otherwise discussed, you must be available to receive your beef after it is cut, expected mid October. We can arrange for delivery on the way home from the butcher or you can pickup from the farm soon after. 

Deposits are $250 per quarter, the final total balance will be billed before or at the time of delivery/pickup. 


Cuts include: 

 Roasts (3LB) 


-Cross rib

-Half brisket (optional, or can be made into more ground)


Steaks (1 inch)

-Prime rib



-Top Sirloin

Other Cuts

-Maui Style short ribs

-Kabob meat

-1lb vac sealed ground beef

- Sarrow bones

-Sliced organs (liver, heart, kidneys) *OPTIONAL